Why insects can’t attack healthy plants

In this presentation Dr. Thomas Dykstra explains the function of insects in nature and how that function translates into insects being physically unable to attack healthy plants

In this talk, Dr. Thomas Dykstra, Laboratory Director of Dykstra Labs and a prominent entomologist, sheds light on the science behind the fact that insects do not – and cannot – attach healthy plants. In this conversation hosted by John Kempf, a pioneer of regenerative agriculture, Dr. Dykstra explains what defines a healthy plant, the mechanisms of insect digestion, and how to use the Leaf Brix charts as a reference guide for any kind of insect pressure.

This talk is part of the Advancing Eco Agriculture channel, a consulting and input supplier based in the US. The AEA channel as well as John Kempf’s podcast are two valuable resources filled with insights and information that farmers can apply directly on their farm.