Upward spiraling farm life

By connecting farming systems to nature, we enable the genuine expression of ecosystems, thriving farmers and rich landscapes.

We empower farmers to achieve regeneration of their lands and farming business.

We serve as companions on your regenerative journey, work in your landscapes to unlock its potential and build foundational structures that support the emergence of regeneration.

Through regenerative agriculture principles and practices farmers can manage their lands in ways that increases biodiversity, improves soil health, restores watersheds, and enhances the natural ecosystem processes. This regeneration of the land offers possibilities to decrease costs, increase or maintain yields and improve the resilience against climate instability.

We are Companions

As companions, Gens walks next to farmers and pioneers who are exploring and actively building their regenerative journey. We act as guides to help you discover the goals and outcomes that are relevant for you and your farm, while enabling you to implement regenerative farming systems that deliver those outcomes.

That work in Landscapes

Starting from a deep understanding of landscapes and its people, we initiate new or join existing projects that address needs and create opportunities for those actively regenerating the land. We bring together partners from within the landscape and pull in our network to provide the necessary skills and capacity.

And build Foundations

We lay the foundation for those who are to come by building tools and services that support the emergence of regeneration. These tools and services aim at lowering the threshold for landscape actors to regenerate their lands while unlocking the benefits made possible by working together with nature.

Monitor your lands

Monitoring allows you to track your progress in regenerating your lands while providing key insights into challenges that need to be addressed. This creates a feedback cycle that enables making informed regenerative management decisions specific for your lands.

At the same time, it allows stepping away from only responding to symptoms and instead addressing the root causes that are preventing regeneration of your lands and farming business.


The meaning of the word Gens in Latin is “tribe or family”. Collaborations are key to our shared success. This is why Gens is building an extensive network of mission aligned partners and collaborators to support the emergence of regeneration.