Our Mission

What? Accelerating regeneration.

How? Connecting farming systems with ecosystems.

Why? Profitability long into the future and genuine expression of ecosystems.

Meet the Team

The word Gens means “tribe or family” in Latin. We are a small agile team with an extensive network of partners that we pull in based on the needs of our work.

Olivier de Schaetzen

CEO & Foundation

Olivier is a systems integrator that guides visions, strategies and implementation. He connects the dots between challenges and opportunities at different layers and enables ecosystems to thrive.

Patricia Wiklund

People, Projects & Network

Patricia’s unique genius is sense making and network weaving. Just like mycelium, she builds projects that connect key stakeholders and let’s mutual value flow based on their personal needs.

Stefan Gernert

Farm coach & Transition lead

Stefan is a true dynamic accumulator that is able to unlock the latent potential of farms and farmers. As a companion on the regenerative journey he offers his knowledge, experience and hands-on support.

Is this you?

Future team member

Gens is always looking for skilled and passionate people who want to be part of a regenerating farmland and farming businesses. Get in touch with us and let’s have a talk!

Purpose driven

To support its mission, Gens has adopted the principles of steward-ownership, making us a not-for-profit enterprise and embedding our mission in our legal DNA. These principles allow us to combine the entrepreneurial drive of for-profit enterprises with a continued commitment to deliver societal value through our services and reinvest in our mission and stakeholders.