A Down-to-Earth Solution to Farming

The Rodale Institute has been pioneering regenerative organic agriculture since 1947. In this whitepaper they bring key facts and figures to illustrate the potential of farming regeneratively

Although regenerative farming is gaining momentum, there have been many farmers and research institutions that have been working on it for many years. The Rodale Institute is one of those pioneers and in this white paper they provide an overview of key principles and practices behind regenerative agriculture and how they can address climate change, biodiversity loss while providing increased profits for farmers. 

A key takeaway from this paper is that regenerative agriculture is a tried and tested farming system that has proven to be successful across the world. The underlying reason behind this is the fact that regenerative agriculture builds on the natural mechanisms that regenerate soils and enables farmers to accelerate that process. Any farmer wanting increased profits and healthy farmlands will get valuable insights in how to get there by reading this paper.