Soil Health as the Cornerstone

This documentary by the Soil Health Institute provides key insights into the resource that enables us to grow 95 percent of all food: our soils

A Down-to-Earth Solution to Farming

The Rodale Institute has been pioneering regenerative organic agriculture since 1947. In this whitepaper they bring key facts and figures to illustrate the potential of farming regeneratively

Myths about Modern Agriculture

In this article Prof. David R. Montgomery explains why we need to move away from the conventional vs organic debate towards regenerative agriculture, and how 3 big myths prevent that transition

Why insects can’t attack healthy plants

In this presentation Dr. Thomas Dykstra explains the function of insects in nature and how that function translates into insects being physically unable to attack healthy plants

An introduction to Regenerative Agriculture

In this presentation, Gabe Brown, one of the pioneers of the movement, gives a clear overview of the basic principles behind regenerative agriculture and shares first hand experiences